Most Businesses Think They Have It – Do You?

Do you have a logo or do you have a brand? If you have a logo does that mean you have a brand?

It’s a bold move to go out and start up a business. In the beginning, it’s all about preparing your product or service. While hashing out the details of your company, your identity starts to evolve. You have a logo that a friend drew up that is plastered on your stationery, website, and advertisements. And just like that, your company is branded – or so many would think. Where there is a logo, there is a brand, right?

The line between branding and logos is a blurry one. Many think the two are interchangeable, however, they work together to create a cohesive representation of your company. Just because you have a logo doesn’t mean you have a fully-developed brand. What exactly is a brand versus a logo? Let’s break it down.


A logo is the recognizable design element of your business. It includes your name, colors, and/or symbol. A logo is a tool to help communicate a brand and represent a brand.


One of the best definitions of a brand is from Marty Neumeier’s book, The Brand Gap: “A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service, or organization.” A brand is the overall experience or impression your company leaves on a person. That experience is created as a result of a communications strategy.

Creating a brand is more than slapping your logo on business cards, brochure, website, email newsletters, and flyers. Shaping a brand is about creating consistency with the colors, typefaces, the design, and even the style of copy used in all the materials used to communicate with your audience. A brand is the voice of your company, the logo is the face of your business.

However, if you have your marketing services sprinkled across different vendors, keeping your voice and themes in sync can be difficult. GS Creative takes the time to get to know your company, your values, and your message to craft a strategic communications plan. We give you more than a well-designed logo and some business cards, we give you a guide to connect with your customers to create a memorable experience.