Does Your Website Need a Little TLC?


If you are meeting with a potential client, you wouldn’t roll out of bed and walk out the door. You would make sure you are showered, put together and dressed professionally to make a good first impression. While your physical appearance is important, these days, your first impression with your customer is online. Does your website make that first impression you want your customers to see or is it more in the category of ‘just rolled out of bed’ look? Great websites always have a few key elements in common – check out our list and see how your website compares. 

  • They Are Built For Conversion

Websites aren’t just your online storefront anymore.  Now, they can actually help you with sales.  You need a website that will help convert your visitors into qualified sales leads.  Website conversion uses a broad range of tactics, all of which are designed to encourage website visitors to convert or take action. You want to make sure that whatever action they take, it moves them further down the sales funnel.

  • They Have A Clear, Concise Message.

If your visitor doesn’t know how you can solve a pain they’re having in 5 seconds or less, they are on to the next site.  Clear concise keyword-rich content is the key to a user-friendly site.  You need to state what pain your prospective client has, how you can solve that pain and the benefits they get from choosing you.  Despite your desire to be creative, the best websites are those that are simple, easy to navigate, and easy to read. With great websites, less is more. Less time scanning through content for information lessens the chance that your potential customer will give up and move on to the next site. 

  • They are consistent.  

It may go without saying, but your brand should stay consistent throughout your online presence. If your website is created with a separate entity that doesn’t bother to get to know your brand, you can say goodbye to your fan recognition. Social media pages, your website, and print advertising should all have the same color scheme, look, feel, and logo.

  • They stand out.

Sure, you can hop on a free site and create your website using a standard template. This may save some money up front, but that ‘wow’ factor is out the window. Your website is your chance to show how your product or service outshines the rest of the competition. If you have the same cookie-cutter website as other sites, what message does that send?

  • They are relevant

Another item that may go without saying, but all great websites are kept up-to-date with relevant information. Keeping your website up with your most current sales and products may not seem like a priority while trying to keep the day-to-day operations of your business going. When this task continues to slip to the bottom of the list, your customers are misled. Your competition has everything neatly laid out on their site and your potential sale has moved on from your product.

  • They measure results.

The best way to continuously improve upon your product is to evaluate the weak spots and work from there. Google Analytics allows you to do just that. Using this tool, you can see how many visitors your site has, what links they click on and where your visitors are located. Once you have this information, you can tweak your site so that it retains and attracts more visitors.

So, you’re thinking that your website could use a little TLC, that’s where GasStove Creative comes in. When you work with us, we get to know your brand, your service, and your values. Our content writing and website designs relay your work ethic, charm, and company culture into your site. Get the most out of your website and contact us today.