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TV & Radio

Ride the Waves with Your Business

While many businesses turn to focus more on digital advertising where more and more agencies specialize, TV and Radio are still a quality option when it comes to marketing your company. GS Creative can prepare an efficient and cost-effective schedule for your product or service, displaying it right in consumer’s homes to reach more target audience.

Increase Visibility With

Cable Television Commercials

Thousands of businesses have found success through the use of network television. After all, commercials aren’t able to be skipped most of the time. With the lowering cost of good commercial spots on cable TV, we can help you find the right station and time slot that will lure in your target audience such as ESPN, The Food Network, TNT, CNN, and more. Narrowing down shows that relate to your service is also key component in directing more clients to your business.

Of course, none of that matters if you don’t have a quality commercial to place in that TV slot. GS Creative is an advertising agency with many skills, including the ability to produce an effective commercial. We’ll share our experience by helping you build the advertisement, contract an appropriate TV slot, and build a memorable experience that will not only drive customers to you, but have them reciting it in transit.

It’s worth noting that TV commercials don’t just have to be on TV. They can also be displayed proudly on your newly branded website.

Shout Out With

Radio Spots

Have you ever heard a tune on the Radio that you just can’t get out of your head? We have too. That’s what you want for your advertisements through radio, a tune that the customer remembers next time they are in need of a product or service. GS Creative wants to help you build your tune, and with our rare experience in radio marketing, we can help you produce one that’s unforgettable.

We’ll also be able to help you find the best radio spot for your commercial to air. Understanding time slots for radio broadcasting comes down to knowing your target audience, something that GS Creative excels in.

Hosting live events is also a wonderful opportunity to advertise through radio. With live remotes, the station can send out a DJ and promotions team for a good time all while driving people to your business.

Let us help you determine when and what stations will be best for sending your message into the waves for the lowest costs available to you.