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Join me! Let’s open the Cookbook Podcast together. And…it’s not a cooking show! 😂. Our guests share their stories of how they became the successes that they are.

 They also share some of the struggles that they’ve had! 

This is for people thinking about becoming entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and the C-Suite

I hope you all enjoy watching/listening to this as much as I’m enjoying interviewing my guests!

In the meantime…go out and find what lights YOUR fire!

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Iris Goldfeder

As a chef for over 10 years, I learned that in order to create delicious food, you need the right recipe, and also a splash of creativity. After 25 years in the marketing field, I’ve come to realize that the same thing is true for your marketing strategy. 

This is why GasStoveCreative is a marketing agency that delivers completely custom, full-service marketing strategies. 

I am the host of Unique Voices, on Futures Television on AppleTV and Roku. I’m also the host of GasStoveCreative Presents: The Cookbook podcast.

I’ve been a guest speaker on dozens of podcasts on the topics of marketing and accessibility for websites, and a featured speaker for the National Institute for Social Media on ADA Compliance and accessibility, as well as the VC Europe X conference for women and minorities leading startups. I’m also a monthly contributor for Breakthrough Author Magazine as well as the Mental Health Talk Magazine for LGBTQIA+ issues. 

I’m passionate about social issues and giving back to the community. As the President of Unmasking Lafayette, a local, not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that I co-founded with my friend Michelle Zaremba, our goal is “Unmasking” social issues in the community. And when I’m not doing that, you can find me playing gigs with my band, and spending time with my amazing wife, Heather, and our crazy pups, Skyler, and Piper.

GasStoveCreative has evolved into a full-service agency because I love helping businesses find their stride with marketing that works for them – without having to hire 20 different people to get it done. At GasStoveCreative, we meet you where you are.

My motto is: “If you’re not online, you’re not an option!”