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Join me! Let’s open the Cookbook Podcast together. And…it’s not a cooking show! 😂. Our guests share their stories of how they became the successes that they are.

 They also share some of the struggles that they’ve had! 

This is for people thinking about becoming entrepreneurs, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and the C-Suite

I hope you all enjoy watching/listening to this as much as I’m enjoying interviewing my guests!

In the meantime…go out and find what lights YOUR fire!

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Iris Goldfeder

The online world is changing, but this isn’t Iris’ first rodeo!

Iris Goldfeder is a long-time entrepreneur with more than 25 years of success in the marketing field. Before coming back to focus on GasStoveCreative full-time, Iris was the co-founder and Managing Director of Stradigi Virtual Marketing.

Iris also serves as the Vice President of the Board for The Friends of Downtown (FTC). She is also the Founder of ICG Development & Consulting, LLC.

Iris is passionate about social issues and giving back to the community. She is the President of Unmasking Lafayette, a local, not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization that she co-founded with her friend, Michelle Zaremba. Unmasking Lafayette is committed to the goal of “Unmasking” social issues in her community. When Iris isn’t doing all of the above, she is a professional musician and loves spending time with her amazing wife, Heather, and, (according to her!) their crazy pups, Skyler, and Piper.

Iris’ passion is to help her clients grow their businesses and her motto is- “I meet you where you are.  Iris firmly believes, “If you’re not online, you’re not an option!”