Effective SEO
Brings Organic
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you’ll be ranking higher, showing up in more searches, and getting in front of more customers

Those new and returning customers you need for your business to thrive and expand? They need to be able to find you easily and at the right time.

Driving that traffic to your site can be an undertaking on its own– it takes the right kind of experts and tools to navigate the big wide world of search engine optimization. The world wide web is vast, so how can you stand out?

Standing out, being found, and welcoming the new customers is easy when you have an SEO specialist on hand that has the tools and the skills, speaks the language, and is committed to your small business ranking higher in your industry.
GasStoveCreative can optimize your site, taking the technical to-do’s off your plate. SEO basics for small business is our specialty!

We’ll walk through your site and make the changes needed for your site to function smoothly and show up in more searches.

You’ll see how optimization isn’t about changing who you or who your business is, but how strategic techniques work their magic in the background, while you work your magic in your industry.

~ Michele Stowe, PCC

“I had launched my business and decided I could handle my logo and website design myself. Yep. Classic solopreneur mistake. After launching really quickly, it became painfully clear that my branding, website and messaging just weren’t consistent with me and my brand. And as a team of 1, I am my brand. Iris and her team of talented marketing professionals listened deeply, got to know me and my clients. Iris has helped me represent my work, value and brand in a way that tells my story consistently across my website, logo, social media and product launches. Thanks to Iris, my marketing and messaging help me show up authentically to potential and current clients. She’s an integral part of my team, and business, and I’m so grateful that she is sharing her talent with other small businesses.”

GasStoveCreative doesn’t just craft beautiful websites for only you to see. We implement the right SEO tools and practices in the right places to bring more people to your website (and to your business!)

small business SEO services

You can count on us to optimize your website so it starts ranking higher and getting in front of more customers you want with our SEO packages and offerings.

GasStoveCreative offers:

GasStoveCreative offers SEO services for small business:

  • Monthly SEO Services for Regular Site Maintenance

  • Site Audits and SEO Report Cards for Overall Site Health Review

  • On Page SEO and Technical SEO

  • Content Marketing Optimization

  • Position Tracking

  • Keyword Research and Seeding

  • Meta Tag Optimization

  • Resolutions of Error Codes and Warnings for Site Function Optimization

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